How To Start 2022 with Shukr

The Ultimate Toolkit for Growth & Resilience in Deen & Dunya

STOP saying "New Year - New Me"

We learned the hard way - that just because we say “new year, new me” - doesn’t mean we control what hits us in the coming weeks and months. 

We don’t know what the future holds, BUT we can control how we take on whatever comes. 

Your physical, mental, and spiritual states determine your capacity to dream, your willingness to take action, and your strength to take on the challenges ahead...

...and there will be challenges.

Get the building blocks - your ultimate toolkit -  to unlock your potential and catapult yourself into the 2022 you wish to experience, in sha Allah. 


How To Break Free From The Plateau and Unlock Your Growth Trajectory

Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef

Self-help "gurus" teach techniques without mention of Allah or Islam. But our Deen is the cornerstone to your success. 

Plot your growth trajectory in the areas of spirituality, health, wealth, fun, and family - with keystone habits built in the Deen - so you can finally break free from the cycle of sameness.

The Secret To Silencing Your Inner Critic and Reframing Success

Shaykha Maryam Amir

Humans are prone to negative self-talk more than positive, and that’s why it’s critical to build the "mercy" muscle.

In this freeing session, reframe what we’re told about success; what it is, how to measure it, and how to control it. 

10 Principles on Mental Wellbeing from the Sunnah

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim

Our mental state often clouds our judgement and prevents us from moving ahead. 

Sadness, burnout, and fear can creep up on us quickly if we're not paying attention. Maintaining good mental health must be a priority in both good and hard times. 

So what is the Prophetic guidance? And how did he ﷺ support others in their mental wellbeing? Adopt these 10 beautiful principles from the Sunnah.

Spiritual Essentials: Shukr, Joy, & Purpose

Ustadha Youssra Kandil

The believer has a secret - it's the power to put the world on hold while they commune with their Creator; it's the power to shrink their greatest problems into nothingness; it's the power to feel gratitude when everything seems to be going wrong. 

This is why they envy the believer. We have the gift - we just need to learn how to access it. 

The Master Your Emotions Toolkit

Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef

In the face of emotional turbulence, what tools and strategies can you use? This session is an actionable workshop where you'll build a personal toolkit to handle emotional storms. Find out the 5 tools Muhammad Alshareef uses personally to handle irritations and emotional tides. 

How To Stay Resilient Through The Upcoming Dips

Ustadha Razia Hamidi

The challenges will come - the dips in Eman, the lack of motivation, and the self-doubt - it's all part of the package. 

So how do we stay resilient, no matter what may come? Extract tools straight from our Deen to plant your feet and roll with the punches.


Get these bonuses to help you in specific areas of your life - your marriage, fitness, and wealth.

 The 7 Principles Of Making Muslims Marriages Work

Ustadha Menahal Begawala

Saying “communication is key” is easier said than done.

Doing it right is another thing all together. 

That’s because “communication” is just a blanket term for something few understand. Get it wrong, and emotional connections begins to suffer below the surface. 

Get these 7 principles to make Muslim marriages work.

Practical Steps for Health & Fitness

Amina Khan (of Amanah Fitness)

Allah gifted us our bodies and entrusted us with their care. Get practical steps to reframe how to approach health and fitness as a believer filled with gratitude and resilience. 

Seven Ways To Increase Wealth And Win Allah's Love

Ebook by Muhammad Alshareef

You don't need to choose between success in this world and success in the next. 

You can have both. 

Learn 7 techniques to increase your financial wealth without ever taking Allah out of the equation. 

Each of these 7 powerful ways are taken straight from Quran and Sunnah - with commentary and practical action steps.

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